Our document retrieval firm has been researching public records in and around Horry County since 1995. With almost twenty years of expertise working with property investors for the purchase of potential foreclosures, we have learned the critical information savvy investors need to perform the due diligence necessary to differentiate a potential profitable foreclosure purchase from a poor investment when buying foreclosure properties.

A good investor will ensure they are familiar with many aspects of a foreclosure prior to making a decision to purchase a property at auction. Aspects that an investor will want to know, include the number of liens associated to a property, what shape the property is in, and the appraised value of similar homes within the area, just to name a few. Horry County Foreclosures’ document retrieval experts are familiar with the requirements of its investors and provide the kind of information needed to perform the due diligence every good investor must perform to ensure their investment provided positive results to their bottom line.

Our data is checked and re-checked for accuracy to ensure their are no mis-leading representations about these properties, and we prepare our up to date records in one of the most easy to read formats that any investor can process. In fact, many new list providers, in an attempt to compete in our industry, will provide foreclosure data in a format that delivers complex and confusing metrics that, we have found, detract from the lists value and only confuse investors at the time of sale. Our foreclosure and pre-foreclosure lists have been time tested by foreclosure buyers for over 20 years, and we have listened to what our investors prefer to ensure they can easily process our data and act on their interests as quickly as possible.

Our dedication to the select few premium investors that use our services is what separates our company from the other foreclosure list providers that think of these services more as a commodity than a personal relationship.