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We are the leading source in Horry County providing comprehensive information and reliable data regarding foreclosures and pre-foreclosures in the Myrtle Beach area. We have also expanded our document retrieval operations to provide all the information investors need for Georgetown County foreclosures. Local Real Estate Investors and Investors looking to purchase real-estate in the Grand Strand rely on our document retrieval services to maintain their investing edge for purchasing foreclosures in the area.

No one serving document services in the Myrtle Beach area provides more foreclosure information faster, or delivers as much useful data for Georgetown and Myrtle Beach foreclosure properties than Horry County Foreclosures. Our on-line services are also expanding to provide our investors with real time subscription services for managing and archiving their foreclosure lists.

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Weekly Foreclosure & Pre foreclosure lists include:

  1. Tax map number.
  2. Foreclosure Date of Sale
  3. Pre-Foreclosure Date of Filing
  4. Deficiency Period Notices
    1. No Def Sale is final on day of sale
    2. 30 day-Property will be sold in 30 days at upset bid sale.
      Never bid on 30 day property until upset bid sale because someone can come and upset your bid. Successful bidder on 30 day property may not bid at upset bid sale.
  5. Plaintiff’s Name
  6. Plaintiff’s attorney and phone number
  7. Defendant’s name
  8. Defendant’s address
  9. Description of property
  10. Address of property
  11. Amount due & owing on property. This amount includes principal,      interest, and attorney fees.
  12. Plat map reference on pre foreclosures, Deed & Mortgage reference if plat not available
  13. Amount and date of original mortgage
  14. Amount and date of latest appraisal by Tax Assessor’s office
  15. Total number sq feet and bedroom/baths if available

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